Robbin Mullins

June 02, 2020

Community Social Services alumna uses degree to help families in crisis

30 years after graduating from high school, Robbin Mullins ’15 came to Anoka Technical College for a change in career. As an adult learner, Robbin was nervous. At Anoka Tech, Robbin found a supportive environment and diverse community where she was able to learn and grow.

Robbin was working full-time and needed a program that offered flexibility to complete her Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS). Anoka Tech’s Community Social Services program (recently renamed to Behavioral Health and Human Services) was a perfect fit. “It was close to home and had a some of the courses available online. I was working full time and wasn't able to spend many hours driving or in class,” said Robbin.

Throughout her time at Anoka Tech, Robbin developed research skills, participated in group learning assignments and completed an internship that all provided the hands-on learning experiences that she has taken with her today.

After finishing school, Robbin found a position at the Refuge Network as a family support advocate. Since 2018 she’s worked with WomenSource as a client services manager. Both roles allow Robbin to use her degree to support families in crisis.

Working in the community social service field has given Robbin a rewarding sense of accomplishment and balance. “Professionally, I have been able to work helping families in crisis, there is a real sense of accomplishment in that,” said Robbin, “Personally, I am in a place where I can virtually make my own hours, that allows me a great work/life balance.”

To individuals considering their next career move or continuing their education, Robbin had these words to share. “Don't let the title of it being a technical college limit you. If you are a new student just beginning in the job market, this is a great place to start. If you are someone that has been employed for years and are interested in a second chance, this is a great place to go.”

The Behavioral Health and Human Services program at Anoka Tech is offered online but requires some on-campus meetings. To learn more about the Behavioral Health and Human Services program, formerly Community Social Services, and other options to get started at Anoka Tech, plan a visit today

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